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My Core Values


One of the most necessary values for human interaction is Respect.

We believe in properly manifesting one’s personality, while appreciating or accepting others’ differences. Respect, is about showing humility and sensitivity when communicating with another person.

Respect is fundamental in the counselling world, as it promotes cooperation; making it easier to develop trust and share important information in the therapy room.  Respect can be shown by:


Maintaining an adequate tone of voice

Avoiding the use of offensive language

Being patient

Being conscious of how our actions can affect the other person and the environment


When done respectfully, one important value in counselling is communicating in an Honest manner. It is important to bring your honest self into the room and not expect to be judged. Good counsellors should be able to maintain an open and accepting attitude that will enable individuals to express themselves with honesty, with no fear of judgment. A good counsellor should also be able to display their personality genuinely, as it would encourage clients to feel comfortable in the therapy room.

Afterall, an impersonal therapist is surely not what we need!


Our greatest joy comes from helping people find their inner peace, make peace with their inner child, and become more comfortable with their emotional side. Being able to step into someone’s story, assisting them when making decisions, navigating through their high and low moments, and testifying their change, are all factors that enhance my commitment to the profession. The humanity of psychotherapy is always a  great source of inspiration.

We are honoured to be a part of your journey!


You are Not judged

Your are Accepted

Your are Valued


Does the idea of seeing a counsellor scare you?

Do you feel anxious about sharing certain private aspects of your life?

It's normal to feel that way when you first start therapy. However, I’d like you to know that I am only here to help, and that counselling is not based on the therapist giving you advice. It’s about having a chat! You are the expert of your own life, and we are here to listen and walk the way with you.


The purpose of Integrative Psychotherapy is to facilitate the process of change based on the client’s different characteristics. This enables the choice of the most suitable technique to use. Integrative Psychotherapy combines ideas and techniques from different therapeutic approaches, strengthening the therapeutic relationship and mental health outcomes.

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